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Highrichja Precision Extrusion Machinery Co. Ltd production of precision extrusion equipment special for your precision tube extrusion and the development and design, using the AC variable frequency motor maintenance free direct drive, a variety of extrusion machine has the advantages of compact structure, simple operation, wide range of yield advantage and is applicable to a variety of raw materials and a number of applications. The concept of highrichja series extrusion production equipment in continuous production and moderate price standard modules, to achieve the scale of production, production scope and the purchase cost of the largest economy, the strict production index to ensure the extrusion quality of the equipment, so as to realize the incomparable performance, allowing you to use handy in multiple in the field of.
Precision extrusion technology design and development of highrichja company, through the precise control of the extrusion process elements, realize the morphology of product size high precision and high uniformity of material forming process, the main features of precision extrusion, extrusion process parameter fluctuation is small, the extrusion equipment working state is very stable, geometric precision molding products than conventional extrusion molding method is improved by more than 50%.
We are a dynamic, promising and enthusiastic team. We innovate constantly. Pioneering spirit, I hope for your product development, enterprise development to help.
Highrichja for keeping pace with the times, the use of advanced technology, continuously improve product quality, first-class quality is the cornerstone of the survival and development of enterprises in the pursuit of excellence, excellence is highrichja extrusion consistent requirements on the quality of the products; we strictly implement the industry standard for the extrusion machinery manufacturing technology, and accept the supervision and quality departments the inspection, won the "ISO9001:2008 quality management system certification" and "EC CE certification" this is highrichja extrusion quality assurance, but also to ensure customer confidence. We rely on excellent quality and first-class service to win social recognition, to create a good image, and to create good economic and social benefits