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CVC,PICC Extrusion Line

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Product features:Central Venous Catheter is one of the intravascular tubes,placed in the vena cava. It can be used to measure central venous pressure,intravenous infusion,hemodialysis,tumor chemotherapy, and create a good infusion channel,etc.
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Medical Tubing Extrusion Line


Product features:


Host drive A: imported from Germany, maintenance free motor and reducer direct mode, can effectively prevent the conventional belt drive low efficiency, transmission error, and the friction belt pulley off powder pollution workshop and other defects in the production process, no dust, no grease, no noise;
B: stainless steel sink all imported SUS304 stainless steel molding, glass cover closed structure, medical grade stainless steel special deionized water pump, water ring vacuum molding type low vacuum degree, to ensure the accuracy of roundness and pipe; with air ring type drying device, cooling water can be used in the production process can be recycled without wet ground;
Using high speed laser source, C: dual gauge TOSHIBA high precision CCD, computer digital image processing technology, the product can realize the on-line non-contact measurement, real-time digital display, measurement accuracy: + 0.003MM;
D: traction machine belt using imported Swiss multi wedge belt, Japan MITSUBISHI servo motor, high precision worm gear reducer drive, traction line speed to ensure high precision and high stability of the long-term operation, and in the process of traction belt does not slip, no noise;
E: cutting machine with low inertia Aluminum Alloy rotary knife knife, cut off the arm and special make the incision is smooth without flying silk, Japan MITSUBISHI servo motor drive, the Japanese MITSUBISHI PLC programming control, HITEC man-machine interface, can ensure the accuracy of cutting length, cutting length can be set arbitrarily, cut automatic counting times;
F: extrusion and traction machine adopts closed-loop AC servo control system, the change of traction speed can always follow up and change speed, can ensure that the entire production line in high precision and high frequency response speed synchronous state; can effectively avoid the diameter fluctuation caused by external factors influence the host speed change. In order to ensure the product precision is high standard 0.03;

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